About Us

Providing Interior Design for Residential & Commercial Spaces

Susan Bryant

I perceive the role of Interior Designer to be much broader than just selecting paint and fabric swatches. Design for our clients can include a new facade for a building, creative decor for a pet resort, or an outdoor kitchen for entertaining family and friends. It could also be an attractive logo for a business, unique signs throughout an office space, or new floral arrangement that sets the mood in a hotel or restaurant. No project is too small or large for a creative mind. My degree in Marketing and Interior Design provides formality yet my eclectic background; which includes retail fashion buying, brokerage services and teaching piano, helps me facilitate a client’s vision with the creativity they desire. Whether it’s a modern flair you seek, or traditional with a contemporary mix, I can bring your space to life. I love design and naturally it spills over into my own space. When I’m not working on a design project you’ll find me designing something at home either inside or out. My projects can range from landscaping my backyard, adding an adorable garden shed or sewing images of my fur-grand babies on a pillow as a Christmas gift for my daughter and son in law. The love of design follows me everywhere I go. Always learning, always discovering, and always dreaming.  

Ida Mora

My first passion was in human nutrition, health and fitness. I viewed the art of working with such a diverse group of individuals as not a challenge but as an asset. I developed a sense of significance of individuality and the ability to listen to each client, educate, and guide them towards their personal goals. As a Nutritionist one has to always keep an open mind that change and adjustments may be needed along the way. My ultimate goal was to bring my client to a healthy lifestyle they so desired. I believe my outlook of my past experience and profession has shaped and prepared me for my next journey in life and I feel so blessed. I discovered my gift and joy of/for design later in life. I grasp the transition as God’s compass guiding me to a wonderful and rewarding new career. Nutritionist to Interior Designer might be a different art yet nevertheless requires the same skills and work ethics. I have the same desire to guide my clients and to bring to life their visions. Interior design has no limits; therefore, I see commercial and residential design, small or large projects with no limits either. Allowing me into your space is a privilege. Designing a space is a gift. Bringing both together is an opportunity I welcome.